Instagram now has thirteen percent of the world’s population as its users. It has about 400 million active users. Thousands of people log on to the platform to engage with other active accounts. With such numbers, it is only possible that several marketing agencies will try to take advantage of this platform. However, it is not just the number of users which drives the interest of the businesses; instead, it is the nature of the application which sets it apart.  

Unique features

The platform has a 4.21% engagement rate which is 10 times higher than Facebook. It has genuine opportunities for the marketers to increase their business, whether through organic or paid campaigns. It has features like polls, swipe meters, questions, etc. which allows businesses to interact with their audience far more efficiently. By using hashtags, filters, background music, and many other interactive features, companies can increase the reach of their brand. It is only by a detailed study of the trends and a pinch of creativity these features can be used to impact the potential of a marketing campaign hugely.  

In fact, finding out when to post and how often to post makes your brand more interactive. When you post a story, it brings a red circle around your profile, and while using Instagram when someone comes across a red ring, the user is more likely to tap on your profile. The easy trick to do this is monitoring the trends and making your posts accordingly.

Why buy Instagram story views?

Instagram story is two years old now and has already become an advantageous mode of engagement for the businesses; the reasons for which we had been discussing above. However, there is an ever growing need to engage with more and more users. In fact, it is essential not only to increase your brand visibility directly but also to have more followers and viewers to unlock new features which improve the quality of the marketing campaign. It is out of this that the need to buy Instagram story views arises, as it brings the most important thing to your profile- the audience. However, opting to buy Instagram story views is not the only step for expanding the reach of your brand.

The most important thing to note here is that to be able to use social media platforms to your benefit during a marketing campaign you need to engage in market research; mostly it requires a team or an individual who is genuinely in touch with the social media trends and the sensibilities of the users. It is only then that an effective campaign can be pulled off by the user.