Everyone is aware of the potential of TikTok as a social platform. Though it is less than five years since the social application was rolled out globally, it is undergoing the reach at the same pace. The user base of this application is elevating continuously. It has achieved this excellence amid various struggles and contemporaries. Hence, brands are looking to leverage TikTok in the best possible way to drive growth. Usually, if a new social platform is introduced, it will have a consistent rise in the user base for some time. The reason behind this is that the social platform could possess some engaging elements in it, which has led it to have a rise in its user base for some time. But, things are different with TikTok. The platform is going to near the fifth year of its launch. But, its user base is increasing at the same tremendous pace. Today, TikTok has a stern user base across all the countries. It has driven people towards it from all the developed countries and developing countries. India, China, and the USA are the countries that are regarded as consumer super-power countries. 

They are the top countries in the list of the maximum number of TikTok users. The majority of the users in these countries are Millennials and Generation Z. The platform is also gradually having a stronghold in the developing countries in SouthEast Asian Countries and African countries. Thus, TikTok has emerged into the undisputed king of social platforms due to its ever growing popularity. Marketers are astonished about how TikTok can achieve this growth. The lip-synching application has set a milestone for all other social platforms through its exhilarating growth. Today, a large number of brands are going with TikTok by understanding its potential.

When the world had the worst hit due to pandemic, TikTok had a sharp surge. At the time of the epidemic, people are staying within their houses, bewildered unknowing what to do and how to spend the time. To every such person, TikTok has turned into an antidote and time killer. It is the most downloaded non-gaming application in March 2020, which shows that people glued to this social application to a more significant extent. People still find TikTok to be the most entertaining over all other entertainment mediums. As OTT platforms are gaining momentum in recent times, many people have begun to spend most of their time during the pandemic with it. But, TikTok has managed to withstand the new wave and continues to have a scintillating growth. The social application played a massive role in helping people escape all the chaos surrounding them during the pandemic. The hilarious videos which are spread across the platform have helped people to relieve their stress. TikTok has taught marketing tactics to every customer-centric venture. The medium that is chosen to get in touch with people should possess the ingredients that should make people stay with it. Moreover, it should connect with people emotionally, which helps to achieve a higher engagement rate. The flabbergasting success of TikTok should be attributed to the unstoppable hilarious content it has been providing to the users. The ‘laughing my lungs out’ platform will continue to sustain its place until any new platform possesses better-entertaining factors. Brands can buy tiktok likes for generating leads.

TikTok continues to be the enchanting place for everyone to get rid of the blues. Thus, people are continuously showering their interest in TikTok, which is expected to maintain the same spot for at least the next two years. Every brand is looking to take advantage of the platform to gain a vast reach. Moreover, marketers also feel that TikTok will bring updates to its platform following the innovation in the technologies. In the past three years, many new platforms are enrolled. Making such a measure will help the platform sustain its current user base and maximize it in the coming years. Hence, TikTok is the platform with enormous potential to drive as many people as possible. People are using this platform extensively without any age barriers. The short-video application is expected to gain supremacy for a more extended period in the coming years. It was gaining importance and garnered the attention of people of all ages. As it evolves into a diverse platform, it is anticipated to surpass Facebook’s user base in the coming years.