Social media marketing, hidden rules in plain sight parts average from great

Today’s business spectrum almost never excludes social media from its campaigns and endeavors due to the fact that marketing today finds it as one of the most potent “lead pools” in the world. Social media has grown from a big yet not yet popular matter to a worldwide, immense affair where users communicate, experience and share with each other things from virtually any topic or area of expertise.

This sort of inter connectivity is at the base of why many people today buy Instagram likes and launch their video ad spots on Facebook and YouTube, and not on TV. Keeping all this in mind, let’s further explore the concept of marketing in an online medium ruled by social networks. There are certain things that you or your company can do to ensure that you reach a far larger number of people with the same message, by doing a little bit of “fine tuning” beforehand. Let’s check out some tips on how to drastically improve social media marketing.

Quality content

There are a lot of companies with a presence on social media that just throw poor or mediocre content on the platform as an excuse to promote their brand, message, offer, deal, or whatever they are trying to sell. This is in the opinion of most one of the worse things you can because you are practically rendering your presence on that platform null. It is important to invest in quality content that is suited for the respective platform so that users may take you seriously and actually pay attention to what you’re trying to sell.


The brand image is probably spread across all existing top dog platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Managing all these separately may prove successful in somewhat of a degree, but it cannot get anywhere near the potential it may have once all platforms come together. Make sure that every time you do something on one platform you also integrate the information about your other outlets there as well.


It’s very important to understand that people can be very loyal, in the sense that once they find a Facebook page they like for example, they will support that page to the best of their abilities. However, if that page stops posting for several months, they won’t find the same warm and enthusiastic people once they return. This is why it is important to be constant and regular in the way you provide content for your fans or customers, thus giving them the certainty they needed to fully commit and not be scared of wasted emotional investment.

Ravi is a technical writer and part time blogger. He runs his own blog and admin of Ice Web Filter. He is working as a Search Engine Optimizer and E-Marketing Executive. Blogging is his hobby and he always love to do news research on technology, web design, and SEO.

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