Should You Waterproof in Auckland?

Auckland is the largest and most populous urban center in New Zealand. Over a million people call Auckland home. That means there are thousands of businesses, hospitals, homes, and museums. These myriad structures are all susceptible to the insidious damage of the weather.


The city is, like much of New Zealand, in a subtropical climate. What this means is that the city suffers from high humidity and temperatures during the summer as well as moderate and rainy conditions during the winter. This constant moisture, from humidity and rainfall, makes perfect conditions for water damage to your home.

Each year, the city experiences rain for about one hundred and thirty six days.



In a subtropical climate, the water table tends to swell with rain water. With rain nearly half the year, the ground often becomes very saturated. Since the earth is filled with so much groundwater, rain tends to create water that is not very quickly absorbed. When water is not quickly absorbed, you run the risk of that water damaging your home.

For the wooden structures of your house, water degrades the wood by weakening the wood and rotting the fibres. Also, damp environments are perfect for the growth of insects and mould. Bugs, mould, and mildew are all dangers that can degrade the quality of your wooden structures and damage your home.

For the metal structures in your house, water can result in rust. Rust eats away at the structural integrity of any metal that contains iron. Weakening metal is obviously a danger to your home.


Waterproofing Auckland homes and businesses should be a priority for any owner. But how do you know what to look for in a leak prevention product?

First, you should look for a tested and certified product. Branz is a research, experimentation, and testing service that produces reliable results for a variety for products. If you buy a Branz appraised product you know that not only will you be receiving the exact products as advertised, those products will also do what they are promised to do.

Secondly, you should look for a pedigree that consists of satisfied customers. Companies that are well established should have a list of sites they have serviced. The very best organizations should have lists that include major museums, hospitals, and corporations around New Zealand or elsewhere. This way, you will know that whichever company you’re considering performs a quality job.

If your building is already standing, you might worry that your options are limited. With an already standing structure, you obviously would not tear it down to waterproof around it. Some products require that you excavate around the building so the material can be injected. This is expensive, difficult, and oftentimes requires you to be out of your home or office. For an already existing building, you should look for a product that does not require you to excavate. These products use tubes from the grade level to inject into the ground. This will greatly reduce the expense and the difficulty of the task.


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