Is Your Self-Employed Business Not Growing? Follow This Path To Success

Being self-employed is not an easy task. The weight of the business rests on your shoulders and yours alone. That is, if you’re a one person operation. If you are in that position, the responsibility you carry is unparalleled.

It can sometimes seem like you are up to your neck in work. It may also seem like you will never truly turn this into more than just a glorified hobby. That’s where you’re wrong.

There are so many tools out there to help your success. Utilising them is something you have to do if you really want to go to the next level.


First of all, let’s look at how you’re doing sales. If you’re in the creation business, selling your wares is easier than ever. It used to be you had to stick within the eBay monopoly to get anywhere.

With new online storefront sites appearing, the choice is broader than ever. That said, it makes sense to stick to just the one. If you find a storefront site that is popular, stick to it for the meanwhile.

Think about your marketing too. While you may not have the budget of industry giants, scraping together a little bit of cash for some SEM would be massively beneficial to your business.

Getting your online store to appear near the top in search engine results can be difficult alone. Search engine results can sometimes act like word of mouth. The more popular and talked about something is online, the more the search engine algorithms will deem it relevant.

This will boost the ranking of the site. The higher the ranking, the higher it appears in search results.

Don’t forget about regular word of mouth though. Network in relevant circles. If you’re making things for your business, there might be communities surrounding that topic. These people will be your competitors and customers.

You need to interact with them for many reasons. You need to know what your customers are thinking most of all. Without the market research afforded to big companies, you are mostly going on gut instinct.

It may work for a while. It is best to do some simple research and follow the trends though. This will be a skill you keep through the lifetime of your business. You can’t sell if you don’t have anything appealing to an audience.

The roadblock to your success might not be a problem with retailer, marketing, or understanding of your audience. It could be that you just aren’t able to fill as many orders than required to succeed.

A one-person enterprise rarely stays that way. Unless you are very talented or working in a niche, you may find the demand outstrips the ability to provide.

In cases like this, hire another member. A business should be like an amoeba. Think of yourself as the first. You need to split, to strengthen the business. Two employees might last a while, but if you’re seeing a trend of expansion don’t be afraid to bring in more as time goes by.

Ravi is a technical writer and part time blogger. He runs his own blog and admin of Ice Web Filter. He is working as a Search Engine Optimizer and E-Marketing Executive. Blogging is his hobby and he always love to do news research on technology, web design, and SEO.

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