Important things you should know about Bigdata

If you think Python is only the name of a reptile from the snake family, well then welcome to the world of IT! With the evolution of IT systems, many new technologies and concepts have become a norm. Some of them include cloud, analytics, big data, apps, Hadoop and many more! In the early 2000s, Information Technology driven companies started realizing that this heap of data generated and saved over time must have some potential in terms of insight. And that was the trigger for making this big data work using data science tools and techniques.

One of the common data science use case is that organizations today understand what is big data and are investing heavily in gaining competitive advantage. By using their customer database, they set up teams of data scientists who give them patterns in customer concerns. This helps ideate and create better products/services for their customers.

So, what is Data Science?

Data Science is the science of organising data in a way that it helps organisations draw patterns from it and extract useful information. Now one may wonder, how does an organisation go about doing this complex activity involving data sciences? Well, the answer lies in tools and techniques that help cleaning and preparing data in a way that patterns emerge. Some of these tools include Python and Hadoop.

With data science organisations attempt to uncover information that lies hidden in their data bases as structured or unstructured data and even semi-structured data. This data is not only huge in volume but is increasing in its production with time and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping at that.

What do big data developers really do?

big data developers do many things including intensive programming using python or Hadoop as their programming languages. From cleaning data to creating reports, a big data developer’s work involves extracting, transforming and finally loading data to gain insights. Data Analytics involves programming that can help create reports and analytics to help organisations with decision making. big data developers create reports that help management making factual decisions supported by the data that the organisation has collected.

So is there any course where one can learn data science skills?

Acadgild offers certification and courses to learn data science online. You can learn more about big data Hadoop training on the website. Big data courses online with Acadgild can prepare you with the skills and knowledge to get the best roles in the industry in data science teams.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, fresher or someone seeking to skill themselves in new technologies, this google android course should help you gain insight into the real world use cases of data analytics. What’s more exciting is that all industries are already showing interest in data science, so the potential is huge! IT organizations are hiring big data engineers to help them gain competitive edge in their industry. And you could have their next big idea with the knowledge of big data.

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