Guide on How to Make Videos with Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is a solution for people on budget who are looking for a video editor, screen recorder, and video converter at one affordable price. The video editor in Movavi Video Suite allows you to create a movie from a single or multiple video footage. You just have to select the video clips that you need from your camera folder with your mouse and drag them onto the timeline and they will be opened. You can switch the sequence the video clips appear in the video by dragging it with your mouse cursor.

You don’t necessarily have to use all the video footage for make the movie. You just need to pick the best video footage to include in the movie. When you make videos with the video editor, you must remember not to add similar video footage into the timeline. If the video footage is not related with the video topic, you should not add it. It is important that the video content you use is exciting otherwise people will get boring when watching the video.

With Movavi Video Suite, you can add music that matches with the various types of moments in the video. There are a lot of sample music that you can use for free in the video editor. Movavi Video Suite gives you the option to download more sample music from Audio Blocks audio library. If you want to use a unique music clip for your video, you can drag it into the music row under the video. At the bottom of the timeline, you will find a row with a musical note icon to the left.

You can use Movavi Video Suite to record your instructions and blend it into the video. With the scissor tool, you can cut the voice over track where necessary to sync with the movie. The zoom in/zoom out tool in the Tools section allows you to close up on the important details that you want to highlight in the video. The zoom out tool allows you to remove details that you don’t want people to see in the video.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to use transition to show that there is a connection on two video clips. Adding transitions can make the events unfold more smoothly in successive sequence in the video. You can find the transitions under the Transitions tab in Movavi Video Editor. In Movavi Video Editor, you need to select the transition and drop it in anywhere that shows the small the plus sign icon. Usually, people add transitions in between 2 clips but you can also add it in front or at the end of the video if you want.

You can record yourself on webcam with the web recorder by clicking on the Capture from cameras, VHS, TV link on the launcher window. If you want to record a screen cast or audio podcast, you can click the Record Screen button in the video editor software to launch the screen recorder. For recording audio, you just have to plug in your microphone and click the microphone button.

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