Go Green When Building Your Own Home

Building your home can be a great way of making sure that you get exactly what you want from it. You will be in complete control, and you could even create a green eco home. If that’s appealing to you, here are some things for you to consider.

Hire an Architect

The first thing you really need to do is hire an architect. It doesn’t matter what kind of home you want to build; it’s always best to hire an architect. They are professionals who know what they’re doing. They will be able to instruct you on things like safe practices, the best materials to use for different features and the cheapest way to build it. These are all things that are very important, so do some research and hire the one that’s best for you.

Use Metal

Using metal is a very good way to be efficient. Metal keeps the heat in well, so you should consider using architectural metal panels in the design of your new home. The fact that they are solar reflective also makes them great for boosting your home’s overall energy efficiency. It’s a much better option than simply using bricks and mortar, so talk to your architect about this idea. It might be one of the smartest moves you make.

Incorporate Renewable Energy Sources

How are you going to generate the power in your home? If you want to make the home green and clean, you need to incorporate renewable energy sources into the building of the home. This is most easily done by using solar panels. You will then be able to generate power and store it in a battery. It might not produce enough to power your home all the time, but that will depend on how many panels you choose to use. Make sure that you do install a battery as well though. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to store and save the power.


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Focus on Efficiency and Insulation

Energy efficiency is one of the main things that you should be focused on when designing and building your own home. Things like having most of the windows in the home facing south make a home more energy efficient. These are the issues that you should consider when you are drawing up the plans with your architect. Most people don’t even realise that the position of the home makes such a big difference. You should also make sure that every wall is properly insulated to keep heat in.

Recycle and Reclaim

When you are building a home, it usually means buying lots of materials. Most of these materials are not sourced in a way that is responsible, green or sustainable. There is a way to overcome this problem though. You can source materials that are recycled. This is a good way to save money and do things in a much more sustainable way too. For example, there’s no need to order brand new doors when there are plenty of old ones out there that you can take advantage of. Reclaim everything possible.

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