Essential Things You Must Know Before Filing For Citizenship

If you are looking for citizenship travel options either for citizenship by investment or residence by investment apart from other methods, then you are at right place now.

While going through the process of citizenship, a lot of complications and issues an applicant encounter to face. This eventually results in a delay of processing as well as sometimes to leads to rejection.

Today, through this post, I will talk about some most important things about filing a citizenship application about which you must be known. Though this is not hard and fast, even, you should consider the following tips before citizenship interview.

Tell the Truth

The first thing, you must follow every time is not to lie on the application. Be known that lying at any stage may cost you to penalize or rejection of the application. At every stage, tell the truth. In case of any doubts, you should not hold back to consult with an experienced counselor.

Crime & Conviction

Even in the past, if you were convicted legally for any kind of offense, then you must hire an experienced lawyer to process the application on behalf of you. You should be known that on the ground of some crime you won’t face a denial but can also be charged with deportation. Only a lawyer can assess the situation before filing citizenship application.

Moral Character

A good moral character of last five years also contributes to citizenship processing. Though you might not have been convicted legally, a violation of rules and laws tells that you may not retain a good moral character. In such situation, you can seek help from an experienced immigration attorney.

Duration of stay in abroad

On the ground of your permanent residence, you are required to show the duration of stay in abroad for 18 months (when married to USC) or 30 months in the last five years. Also, you will have to prove that you have not violated the rules and laws even for obtaining the citizenship.

Permanent Residence through Employment

Before applying for citizenship, it is suggested to be very fair and loyal to the attorney subject to your employment. Though, several people have possessed green card through employment. But now the USCIS ask the authenticity of the employment and position and the duration they worked for a company after green card procurement. Though a particular rule is not employed, a working for a short period or no work might be taken as an act of fraud.

Citizenship through Marriage

If you have procured permanent residence through marriage with a US citizen. Later, if you get divorced, then again you will be required to prove the bona fide of your marriage. Also, you are recommended to establish the genuinity of your marriage, in the case when you are filing for citizenship based on the marriage of a duration of 3 years.

Hopefully, this post will make you understand some issues encountered at the ground level towards citizenship by investment or residence by investment. Moreover, this post is not a complete guide that reflects on citizenship, but it suggested to go through the different aspects of taxes and properties also. You can move on with citizenship travel option to know about citizenship filing through an experienced attorney.

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