5 Steps To Healthy Eyes And Brighter Vision

It has been said that eyes never grow in size but the vision may keep on changing. The fully developed eyes may also experience deterioration of vision due to several reasons. Wrong diet habits, unhealthy lifestyle, certain medications, and many things together make the vision go weak. Just think about the total usage of your eyes during the lifetime and then compare it with the efforts you put in its maintenance. It won’t even come to 1% in terms of time. Now, you can follow this simple tips given here that will help you maintain your eyesight and you really don’t need to invest much time and money in the process.

Your eyes are precious, protect them

Everyone knows the value of eyes, but very few really put in sufficient efforts to protect them. Eyes may get damaged due to many reasons like bright light, UV rays of sun, wind, dry air, rays coming out from computer screen, and all such factors. You may need the protective sunglasses or plain glasses to keep your eyes away from all such damage agents. The sunglasses may be selected complete AVA and AVB protection in order to make it work against harmful rays of sun.

Follow the popular 20-20-20 rule

If your job profile compels you to sit continuously in front of computer then this 20-20-20 rule is for you. This rule says that after every 20 minutes of viewing the computer screen, you may rest your eyes by looking at something which is 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. This will keep your vision sharp even when you keep working on computer for long.

Watch your diet

We usually tend to watch our diet for heart, skin, hair, weight, and for other health reasons but we never think of our eyes while deciding our diet. This is where we fail! Your diet plays a major rolein maintaining your eye health and delaying the aging of eyes. Include more of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein, and vitamin A, C, and E for improved vision and nullifying age related issues. The right diet for healthy vision includes more of dairy products, leafy vegetables, omega 3 rich salmon and tuna fish, citrus fruits, and fresh fruit juices. This diet also works for healthy heart and weight.

Say no to smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and this is quite a popular fact but very few people succeed to quit smoking. Smokers are prone to optic nerve damage, muscular de-generation, and cataracts. Try hard to quit smoking till you really succeed to achieve your goal.

Make your visits to eye doctor a health routine

Eye health is important and regular visits to the eye specialist may be started as early age health routine. You may make this a practice and get the eye checked even without any symptoms or issues. Your eye practitioner will guide if there is any need for supplements or alternative eye exercise.

Don’t let your eyesight get affected because of external reasons or internal anomalies as it is one of the most precious things you have.

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