10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green for Earth Day

To commemorate the 40th Earth Day celebration, you are being provided with a list of the top 10 free green iPhone apps that can showcase your environmental nature and awareness. The environmental Earth Day movement has seen a lot of advancements in the last few decades. Nonetheless, environmental awareness still holds a place of importance in this global sociological order.

If you become more and more environmental and eco friendly every year, you can take a few steps that can really turn your life around and you can make a difference in the thought process of people who are in charge of monitoring the consumption and preservation of various natural resources. Read on to find out more about these apps and also make sure that you download one or two, that can motivate you to become a more stronger environmentalist.

2015-04-25_1541Find Green

This app gives you valuable information on the local business in your area, which follow a green outlook. With more than 20 industries to browse through and check out, you can contact and work with businesses which have committed themselves to improve the environmental conditions. The industries include retail, dining and health and medical.


This app lets you find certain recycling locations that can treat almost 250 recyclable materials in your locality. You can enter the name of the material which you want to recycle, and you can find the recycling centers in your locality with proper contact details and working hours.

Greenpeace Tissue Guide

This app gives you vital information on paper products which are used in your or somebody else’s house. You can find a variety of brands offering a long range of products. The products and brands come with proper customer feedback and buyer remarks. You should keep it in mind that all these products are environment friendly.

Consumer Change

This app provides you with various consumer reviews and feedbacks on the environmental activities of a variety of computers. The feedbacks may help these companies to improve their practices for the betterment of nature. You can read these reviews to find out which companies you should work with. You can also add any reviews on any company of your choice.

Mission Zero

This app is like a social media for environmentalists. People download this app to interact with a huge number of people who share a common interest in protecting the environment and making the world a better place to live in. You can also check out recent news articles pertaining to the global environmental scene.

Carbon Calc

This app can let you keep a track on your total carbon footprint. This app monitors your use of home, airline, and cars and lets you choose the best possible way to conserve energy and decrease carbon emission in the world. This app has many interactive features that users can enjoy.

Climate Counts

This app lets you rate various companies on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their environmental awareness and environmental practices. You can rate all companies opting for a green initiative.

Label Lookup

This app lets you verify the legitimacy of label claims, and accordingly, lets you rate the label based on the theories of USDA. You can rate a label claim on a scale of zero to three.

GreenSpace Map

This app lists the various locations in your area which have serious environmental issues. You can use this app when you are looking for houses.

What’s On My Food?

You can judge the pesticide count of any food item with the use of this app. You can search for up to a 100 food items and get the necessary information.

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